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Transforming sublime raw materials, extracting from them fragrant moods, exalting and underlining tastes, everything for the joy of sight, smell and taste

Galà Restaurant, a place where feeling at home, in a comfortable location, attentive to details and needs. A place where admiring the sea meeting the land, the colors of the sky that touch lightly the smell of the water and the mountains, from where we supply our kitchens. Every dish interprets the tradition and the wine and food culture, deeply-rooted as ever.

Expression of a Mediterranean, innovative, sought cooking, dedicated to the promotion of the territory. We select with care each ingredient looking for the perfect match, cooking every dish with passion enhancing its fragrances, colors and flavors.

Galà Restaurant, with the right balance between professionalism and taste, refinement and creativity, is the landmark for our Guests

Galà Restaurant is open all year long, not only for the hotel Guests.

The Menu

Mammola Stockfish with rocket pesto, fine sweet capers and cherry tomatoes

In our menu there are dishes linked with the territory and cooked in a creative and revisited manner, not exasperating the nature of the raw materials. For example, there is Mammola Stockfish with rocket pesto, fine sweet capers and cherry tomatoes.

The Stockfish, in the tradition of Reggio Calabria, has been added to our culture by virtue of the Earthquake of 1908 as humanitarian help given by a Norwegian ship. From Mammola, because is a product dried origin to be, than, soaked with Mammola’s water (province of Reggio Calabria), that is very light due to its organoleptic characteristics that permit the perfect success of this process. The capers of the scarps of Scilla, on which the Aeolian winds drive the seeds to make this particular fruit grow. This dish is simple and pleasant and is served warm as starter.

Swordfish marinated with bergamot

You have to know that in the period from May to September, the Strait of Messina hosts the passage of the swordfish that chooses this tract of sea for its reproduction. Our philosophy is not to drown out the freshness of this product, cooking it as a carpaccio exalted by our typical citrus, unique in the world: the bergamot. We have the luck to cultivate this precious fruit that grows in a strip of land of the Southern Ionian coast, with a unique flavor and fragrance, that creates an extraordinary and inimitable match with other dishes.

Carnaroli rice of Sibari with caciocavallo cheese of Ciminà and licorice powder

This extraordinary rice is produced in a limited quantità in the plain of Sibari (province of Cosenza). Its callosity while cooking is perfect, creamed with caciocavallo cheese of Ciminà, unique for taste and consistency and the pleasing perfume of the Calabrian licorice that creates a flavor of indescribable taste. Just try it.

Monkfish on cream of potatoes of Sila and spinach pie

The monkfish captured in the sandy bottoms of the Ionian area, the fresh potato of Sila characterized by its velvety and flavorful creaminess, the freshness of steam cooked spinach: everything permits to realize a dish that collects colors, scents and an incomparable taste.

Rack of lamb of Aspromonte with thyme and eggplant caviar

The lamb of Aspromonte, bred in the high mountain pasture, assumes an intense flavor and a softness of meat exalted by the perfume of our thyme combined with the eggplant caviar minced with the knife and placed like a pie, nestling to the fleshed ribs of the rack.

Traditional cannolo with ricotta cheese and candied

As the tradition wants, the cannolo is filled at the moment with fresh ricotta cheese made with milk of our pasture. Intense in taste, ricotta cheese is combined with the crispy wafer, exactly fried in lard.

Fresh salads to satisfy fast foods

One in particular, Excelsior salad, composed of crispy green, artichokes in oil, mustard and beef rolls with artichoke hearts and Monteporo cheese, sprinkled with seasoned mountain goat cheese.